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  1. Do I Have to Pay For DconPro Hub?
    No.  Not at all.  DconPro Hub is Open Source and can be freely downloaded and used by anyone.

  2. Where Can I Download DconPro Hub?
    The latest version can always be downloaded from our Sourceforge download page.

  3. What Programming Language is the Hub Written In?
    The hub is written in Visual Basic.NET.  (It is possible to use a utility to translate it to C#).

  4. Where Can I Get Help For Using DconPro Hub?
    The current preferred method is to ask in our on-site forums.

  5. Is a Guide Available For Setting Up DconPro Hub?
    Currently, no.  Documentation is planned for release 0.1.0.

  6. I Own My Own Hub and Would Like Feature X.  Can You Implement It For Me?
    Feel free to ask in the DconPro Hub forum, but we make no promises.

  7. Is DconPro Hub Scriptable?
    Currently, no.  Hopefully this will be implemented sooner than later.

  8. What Scripting Language Will DconPro Hub Make Use Of?
    That is undecided.

  9. I'm A Developer and Would Like To Help Out On This Project.  Can I?
    Drop us a line in the DconPro Hub forum.


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