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  • True NT Service.  DconPro Hub is a true Windows NT service, based on the .NET framework.  No annoying hub windows.  No system tray icons.  Just a cool and clean service implementation.
  • Open Source.  Unlike other hubs, the entire hub is completely open source.  If you don't like how something works, or are interested in developing a powerful add-on, download the code and modify it how you see fit!
  • Direct Connect Protocol.  The hub's protocol engine support all of the standard single-user protocol commands.
  • Registered User + Operator Support.  DconPro Hub includes a basic registered user database and authentication method (although a user editor is still not available).


  • Stand-alone Administration Tools.  Stand-alone GUI administration tools, including a user manager and configuration editor, will help to make DconPro Hub administration even easier.
  • Multi-Hub Compatibility.  To be able to connect to other servers for search/chat sharing.
  • Extended Protocol Support.  3rd-party DC protocol extensions are supported, including $UserIP, extended $MyINFO, $HubInfo, and $UserCommand.
  • DCTNG Protocol Support.  DCTNG, the next generation DC protocol.
  • Comprehensive User's Guide.  Eventually, DconPro Hub will feature an extensive user's guide that will take users who know nothing, and get them up to speed on hub ownership and operation.  Guide will discuss not only hub-related topics, but relating network issues as well.


  • Windows NT/2k/XP Only.  Because DconPro Hub is an NT services, it must be run on a Windows NT based machine.  These systems include Windows NT 4.0 Workstation & Server, Windows 2000 Workstation & Server, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP.  DconPro Hub does not run on Mac OS9, OSX, Linux, BSD, or UNIX.
  • Still In Development.  DconPro Hub is still early in development.  If you are interested in having a feature-rich hub now or are new to DC hubs, DconPro Hub is not a good choice.



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